Monday, February 16, 2009

i'm thinking that i need to update two items with paint jobs. I am leaning toward a mustardy yellow or a brightish green...what do you think? definitely not the same for both...i thought maybe for the...lets call it a former spice rack turned potential sewing center...just a white but with yellow drawers...and awesome knobs. anyhow someone give me input. oh and we got some fish tonite and i need to take some photos b/c what a story i have to tell about them already. crazy fish

Monday, February 9, 2009


mary likes to copy people. this is a little scary b/c she is surrounded by 3-7 other naughty toddlers all day m-f at work. so not only does she have her own naughty ideas but 7 other kids as well. but mostly it is cute when she copies. from ma she now likes to have a napkin at mealtime to wipe her mouth. and you can see from the pics how she likes to imitate daddy as well.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


silly tongues

happy smiles

twice in one day so this should last me another few months..hee hee. i finally found a way to get some pics. i slipped the sd card into our printer and uploaded them. ta da. so here are some good ones.

new post

these are just a couple of cute old pictures to enjoy

so here is a new post for all of you who seem to think i have time for things like posting. I don't know if this happens to all moms but in about 2 seconds i am sure both kids will be in here pulling at my clothes demanding some sort of attention. They don't do this to dad just me. even if they are perfectly content and i sneek away inevitably there will arise some "immediate" need that I have to deal with. Of course part of me loves this need for mommy but sometimes i just want to do something completely unnecessary and relaxing without interuption. This and the fact that i work full time is the reason i do not post. and my keyboard is lousy and my cd drive is broken so i cant load the software for my new camera so i cant load pics and i like pics with posts. there you go. chad graduates in april...yeah!!! now if only we knew what we were doing next. maybe i can finally go to culinary school...or just stay home with my babies.