Saturday, June 16, 2012


We went to DI the other day. I bought this awesome dress and a toy vacuum for samuel. Can you tell how much he loves it? It sings songs about cleaning which I find amusing. Lets just brainwash him into thinking cleaning is fun from a young age. Or it can make vacuum noises or talk about abc's. It's not very loud which is why momma likes it too. Entertainment for a 20 month old that is safe and not loud and annoying = fantastic toy.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Samuel's awesome and adorable uh-oh face. He started calling me mom instead of momma which I don't love. He says ba buh which translates to ”there is a bug please smash it”. He also started saying thank you again which sounds like ah-ooh.  He prances as we call it (picture an enthusiastic gallop) when he is excited. He loves suckers and balls and seems to be favoring his left hand. He is my tan baby and a little climber. I seriously don't know how he could get any cuter.


Mary has dance on tuesdays and thursdays. It is 45 minutes so the boys and I like to walk to the dollar store around the corner to kill time. We purchased some goggles and dum dum suckers. Aren't they awesome.