Thursday, March 18, 2010


For those of you who don't know a year ago on March 19 we "celebrated" our 5th wedding anniversary with Mary in the hospital. She had a rare serious allergic reaction to penecillin. They didn't know right away what she had or what type of reaction she'd had so it was pretty scary. Jordan had given her a blessing before we took her to the hospital which gave me comfort and while in the hospital with her I think I was also too busy trying to help her that I didn't have time to realize but I'm pretty sure we got a few be prepared for the worse type talks from the doctors. Thankfully she recovered fairly quickly and is now happy and healthy and will never have penecillin again.

This year Chad is away for work for our anniversary. It stinks in general that he is gone but compared to last year I'd say we're improving. I am just thankful everyone is safe and healthy.