Saturday, June 16, 2012


We went to DI the other day. I bought this awesome dress and a toy vacuum for samuel. Can you tell how much he loves it? It sings songs about cleaning which I find amusing. Lets just brainwash him into thinking cleaning is fun from a young age. Or it can make vacuum noises or talk about abc's. It's not very loud which is why momma likes it too. Entertainment for a 20 month old that is safe and not loud and annoying = fantastic toy.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Samuel's awesome and adorable uh-oh face. He started calling me mom instead of momma which I don't love. He says ba buh which translates to ”there is a bug please smash it”. He also started saying thank you again which sounds like ah-ooh.  He prances as we call it (picture an enthusiastic gallop) when he is excited. He loves suckers and balls and seems to be favoring his left hand. He is my tan baby and a little climber. I seriously don't know how he could get any cuter.


Mary has dance on tuesdays and thursdays. It is 45 minutes so the boys and I like to walk to the dollar store around the corner to kill time. We purchased some goggles and dum dum suckers. Aren't they awesome.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Snack time at daycare

I think he likes the graham crackers with frosting. Something he never gets at home. I don't like to deal with the sugar rush and crash. He sure looks like a cutie covered in chocolate mess. Glad I'm not the one cleaning it up!

Sunday, May 20, 2012


We got this bissell a few years ago. It served us well and did a good job but was as heavy as a beast. A couple of days ago it suddenly lost power mid vacuuming. The beast was dead.

So I headed to  sams to pick up a shark navigator like Amelias. Hers worked great and weighed probably half as much as the beast.

I got there and discovered the navigator lift away. $50 more but the thing comes apart so you can haul it around to vacuum places like the stairs. Also had an attachment that  vacuums hard floors with a micro fiber cloth attached to pick up fine dirt the vacuum doesn't get. And as an added bonus it randomly came with an iron as well.

How can you go wrong with a bonus iron? So I got it. Okay so the iron isn't what sold it.(I actually love my iron_thanks momma). The lift off capability and the sweeper sold me. And I love both. And I think it looks like a storm trooper or r2d2. Does that make me a nerd?


This is what I want. Trying to decide if I should just try it out on the table we have or wait for a future table. The top of our table is laminate but the legs are actually wood.  Also not sure what to do with the chairs if I do the table. Any  suggestions from the whopping 3 people who still read this blog?

This is our table. Boring but functional and sentimental to C as it was the table he grew up with.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Saturday Logan told me ”we never take walks anywhere” so we got out our walking shoes and water bottles and took a walk to the grocery store nearby. (after he insisted we walk by the water aka river trail) we had a good time and grabbed some snacky dinner at the store to munch on our way home. The kids noticed a spider web on the bridge so we snapped a pic. We ended up taking a 2 hour walk. Thanks logan!