Sunday, May 20, 2012


We got this bissell a few years ago. It served us well and did a good job but was as heavy as a beast. A couple of days ago it suddenly lost power mid vacuuming. The beast was dead.

So I headed to  sams to pick up a shark navigator like Amelias. Hers worked great and weighed probably half as much as the beast.

I got there and discovered the navigator lift away. $50 more but the thing comes apart so you can haul it around to vacuum places like the stairs. Also had an attachment that  vacuums hard floors with a micro fiber cloth attached to pick up fine dirt the vacuum doesn't get. And as an added bonus it randomly came with an iron as well.

How can you go wrong with a bonus iron? So I got it. Okay so the iron isn't what sold it.(I actually love my iron_thanks momma). The lift off capability and the sweeper sold me. And I love both. And I think it looks like a storm trooper or r2d2. Does that make me a nerd?


bedelia said...

ironically, i'm kind of jealous of the stormtrooper/r2d2 vacuum.

Rachel said...

i LOVE my shark!!